Mustang Mk. IV flown by F/L Furneaux of the RAF 19 Squadron P51 soars overhead on its way to rendezvous with the Banff wing Mosquitos as they patrol the Norwegian Waters during the devastating, 1943 shipping raids. Patrols of Mosquitos lead by Norwegian outriders guiding the bombers through the confines of the narrow fjord would rake a terrible toll on the enemy shipping. Top cover of Mustangs were common. Sometimes the Mosquitos attacked merchant vessels while the P51s silenced nearby flak batteries or fighter opposition. No doubt the combination of Mosquitos and Mustangs where formidable combination. As a result, some of the most fearsome aerial combat where seen by these units, so any distraction from the bitter fighting was always welcome. Here, Furneaux takes his P51 rather too low over the main entrance to the airfield and guard hut, simultaneously willfully disobeying the obvious warning sign of speed restrictions on the bridge!

RAF 19 Squadron p51 Mustang, Willys Jeep and Bedford truck